About Us


Lindsay Mercer, Registered Massage Therapist

Lindsay is passionate about living a happy, healthy, pain-free lifestyle and helping others do the same. In 2011 Lindsay graduated from D'arcy Lane Institute in London, Ontario for massage therapy. Throughout the years she has been practicing she has taken many extra courses including TMJ for pain management, myofasical release, Indian head massage, ultrasound, acupressure, and a few others. Lindsay focus is to inspire others to combine natural health care with proper nutrition, exercise/stretching and regular massage treatments to help others reach a better quality and pain-free lifestyle. When Lindsay isn't working she enjoys spending her time outdoors with her family, horses and dogs.


Suze Farkas, Certified Aromatherapist & Certified Sugaring Practitioner


Suze is passionate about healing your body and taking care of your mind and soul. She believes that every person should take time to relax, especially in a more fast paced environment. She is a mom and wife who loves to make time for her family by partaking in arts and crafts, watching movies or baking. She finds her zen moments to be those of making her own line of personal care products, using natural and organic ingredients. Suze graduated from the Institute of Aromatherapy in 2015 and uses essential oils and organic herbs in her treatments and everyday life. Since then she has taken many courses to further enhance her practice to provide her clients with the best service.


Kathleen Cornick, Reflexologist

After 20 years as a Medical Radiographer, I have stepped back from the hospital to pursue my passion for the treatment of Reflexology. I am RC certified through the Reflexology Association of Canada in 2002 and have 15 years experience in this wonderful field and believe fully in it's ability to balance and calm the body. It is my aspiration, to bring to light, the benefits of reflexology to my community Please visit my home page @ https://www.facebook.com/unumreflexology page for video and blog information.


Kiera Squire, Registered Massage Therapist

 Kiera is dedicated and passionate about her profession. She places clients needs first in every season. Kiera has always taken a holistic approach to her own health and wellness, making Massage Therapy a perfect fit.

She has received training in deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, lymphatic drainage, pre and post natal, TMJ and many more specialized treatments. Kiera works with each client to create individual treatment plans based on personal needs, health and goals.

Kiera preciously worked as a Child and Youth Worker/Counsellor. She continues to work a few hours a week with in home support clients, providing specialized support.